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PostNL is taking over the digital marketing agencies Yourzine and Searchresult

What’s going on?

Jan-Hein Schouten, CEO of Digital United (former majority shareholder of Yourzine) reports that it will offer new and faster opportunities to develop and grow both organisations. In the areas of innovation, quality and employee satisfaction within our cherished playing field of data-driven, result-oriented marketing.


Naturally, I completely agree with this. Believing that we can always do things better is what ultimately motivates us. We are curious, and always open to suggestions. This also means that if an opportunity arises that allows us to take a step towards further development and professionalism, we will happily research the option, and do so critically. Most certainly in this case. All in all, what we have achieved with Yourzine (so far!), can be directly linked to the skills and drive of our colleagues, and, with thanks to, and in close collaboration with all of the clients.


These two groups are the real stakeholders. They are who we are doing it for and the reason we will continue to do so.


What will change at Yourzine?

Nothing. The people that are the heart of Yourzine will keep on being Yourzine people. Our teams will continue to work together with our clients, with the same dedication, drive and energy. Our organisation will look to innovate and enrich our current offerings. Not because that is the only thing we feel like doing, but particularly to keep on providing the best answers to questions which our clients ask now and in the near future!


And to do so a little better every day.


With a new player in the structure above us, though with the same players in our team and the same team that visits our clients. This also includes me. I will remain actively involved in the company, just as Gert Jan will at SearchResult, in addition to staying on as the general director.


Connected as an entrepreneur. We are eager, together with PostNL and all the other stakeholders, to make this an even bigger success.


With thanks to the opportunities provided in everyone’s specific area to further develop with Yourzine. In an ever changing, increasingly challenging marketing world.


With kind regards,

Michiel van Riemsdijk


CEO Yourzine B.V.


For more information see the press release from PostNL below:


Combining data-driven marketing activities.




The Hague, 4 October 2016 – PostNL has acquired online marketing agencies Yourzine and Searchresult. They will form a new company from 1 January 2017, together with PostNL divisions Cendris Insights & Campaigns (I&C) and Marvia. This acquisition fits within the PostNL strategy to offer customers added value regarding data-driven marketing. Directors Gert-Jan Delcliseur (Searchresult) and Michiel van Riemsdijk (Yourzine), will actively participate in the new company.


New company

The new company will be a compilation of the four companies. This will enable PostNL to offer even better client support regarding the focused identification and retention of new customers, and obtaining added value from customer contacts. Combining knowledge, technology, unique data and the best people in the profession will make this possible. Services offered will include increasing online advertising returns, integrated e-mail, social media and direct mail campaigns and loyalty programmes. Gert-Jane Delcliseur and Michiel van Riemsdijk, the current Directors of respectively Searchresult and Yourzine will form the Board of Directors of the new company, together with Menno Worst from PostNL.


Joining forces

Once these companies join forces, PostNL will have all the marketing disciplines in house: from strategy development, data management, campaign management to accountability of the achieved objectives, and with effective deployment of different channels. The yet-to-be-formed company will start with some 250 big customers in the Retail, Automotive, Media, Telecommunications, Finance, Energy & Utilities, Leisure and Publishing sectors. It is also the company’s ambition to attract even more small and medium enterprise customers.


7 October Press Briefing

The Yourzine and Searchresult annual press briefing will take place on 7 October at 10.00 am. During the briefing at which Arno van Bijnen, PostNL Commercial Director will also be present, more background information will be given about the new company and plans. Interested media can register at: Text100 Benelux, Sophia Heemskerk, T: (0031) 20 530 4333, M: +31 6 3876 1123

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