Introducing Kinetic Email

Are you bored of traditional email design with just static image and plain text? Are you wonder why your email clicking rate is not improving? Are you looking for something innovative in email marketing? Then it’s time for you to consider using Kinetic emails.


Technology is advancing each day, browser started to support HTML email with CSS. To give your email marketing a bit of spice, kinetic email will be the solution. But what is it? It is a type of email with motions and sometime coded to interact with users. Kinetic emails widely include interactive email design elements like GIF, Graphs, Menus, Rotational banners, Scratch, Sliders, Carousels, Search in email, Scratch and flip and hover-over animation that make the emails more engaging. This type of email also provides fall-back functions to ensure that these emails do not perform poorly on email clients who don’t support kinetic content and design.


Below are one of the prototypes for hover-over function in email design which successfully help to increase involvement from our client’s subscribers and it also help to reduce the space and give the most relevant content for the users.



Are you interested to know more? We have many other case studies on kinetic email campaign. If you are looking for a transformation in your email marketing design, now is the right time to contact us for more information.


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Emma Chih
Emma Chih

Visual Designer