Hello, I am Merel Roks. Executive Assistant at Yourzine.

"You can only see as far as you think!"

Merel's work is just as hyper as Merel herself. To use the word of famous Dutch artist Herman van Veen: running, jumping, flying, diving, falling, getting up and going again! As a right hand of Michiel, no day is the same: organizing diaries, pursuing actions and deadlines, preparing reports, sparring with colleagues, creating structure, starting new projects, internally communicating news and policy, organising notable events, researching the internationalisation of the company and taking part in meetings. But no, that's not all: he also enjoys drinks with colleagues from time to time. But most importantly however; determining how we all feel - from the Netherlands to Belgium and the UK - about 'Yourzine'!

Merel Roks