Hello, I am Gerrit van Leeuwen. Manager Analytics & Optimalisation at Yourzine.

“What keeps me going is goals” - Mohammed Ali

Gerrit is responsible for Analytics & Optimisation within Yourzine. In his position he monitors and optimises existing communications and campaigns at the intersection of CRM and Loyalty. This goes beyond simply clicking and opening emails. Website funnels, push notifications and traditional DM don't escape his attention either. He also regularly writes about these subjects on blogs such as Emerce and Marketingfacts. As a true Brabander, Gerrit loves to party from time to time. For this reason, every Friday afternoon he organises drinks and snacks at Yourzine. He is also a member of both the drinks and ski commission. In his free time Gerrit can often be found in the Burgundian town of Den Bosch. He also organises football trips to Hamburg, London or Barcelona.