We create customer value.

Every day.

A unique combination of data, boundless creativity, technology, and endless knowledge and digital opportunities in an online and offline world. This is precisely where our strength lies as a full service dialogue marketing agency. The result: proven customer value.


Starting from 1 May, Yourzine will be boosted by the talents and service portfolio of Cendris I&C. PostNL merged the two companies at the end of last year and they have been working together in a new company since 1 May 2017, helping businesses to personalize their marketing communication into a valuable one-on-one dialogue between brands and customers.


Strategists, developers, campaign managers, creatives and data ‘heroes’. The combination of these abilities is what makes us strong. Founded in North-Brabant and expanded into Utrecht, Amsterdam, Gent and London. No fewer than 100 employees work on cool and challenging assignments for various clients such as Samsung, IKEA, Triodos Bank, Odeon, Secretsales, Rituals and PSA.  


We believe in the power of highly personal one-on-one communication. We do this by mapping every contact moment between brands and their customers by means of registration and identification. This wealth of unique interests and needs is then used in real-time for customised communication; the right message for every individual and through the desired channel and at the right moment! Because we can. Because it works.

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Michiel van Riemsdijk

Michiel van Riemsdijk


Michiel has been the driving force behind Yourzine since day one. With his inexhaustible and infectious enthusiasm and knowledge he is able to inspire and enthuse others around him day in, day out.



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 What we do


We are dedicated to provide results in acquisition, engagement and loyalty 


We develop and implement effective customer contact strategies. We do this by gathering and analysing customer data/information, implementing proper marketing tools and integrating diverse sources of data. This allows you to get to know your customers even better through all contact moments that are registrable and identifiable, and increase your customer value by means of effective campaigns. For example, for some customers we develop a full cross-channel strategy for all their digital touch points, both outbound and inbound. These are then seamlessly integrated. For others we use a more sophisticated email marketing approach.


We create the right strategy for the 'Get', 'Keep' and 'Grow' of customer engagement.

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The right insight to know where opportunities lie

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The right technology for management and control

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Customer experience

Telling the right story, that's what it's all about

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The proper analysis required to know what to improve

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Customer Square

Excel at customer experience, value and loyalty

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Customer value and value for the customer


Yourzine pays attention to all aspects that are important for proper customer dialogue and an effective customer value programme. For example, we realise both customer value and value for customers.


By means of our Customer Square maturity model we are able to take the right steps at an adequate pace. What are the issues within your organisation? And what aspects require the support of Yourzine or one of our partners?
Always measurable results!!


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David Veldt

David Veldt

Strategy Director

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Our network


We collaborate with various organisations, all with their own expertise. Some partners we consider our sisters, whereas others are just very clever in their field or provide the perfect software.

From our years of experience and with an eye for any specific customer request, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you on the basis of your questions and by providing a comparison of all potential solutions.

Innovative Software

Discover the right technology for the ultimate omni-channel execution. On the basis of our years of experience, we assist you with the required architecture and ensure a seamless customer experience. We offer services including marketing automation platforms (DMP) for mobile, email and media, data management solutions and DMPs and digital asset solutions.

Business partners

By entering into these partnerships we can both take each other to the next level and offer our customers a total package. From email marketing, cross-channel campaign management and mobile marketing to real-time conversion optimisation and customer insight management.